Senior Executives

Image of Gary G. Yesavage

Mr. Yesavage was named Interim CEO of Team in September, 2017. Gary G. Yesavage joined the Team, Inc. Board of Directors in January 2017 following a more than 40-year career at Chevron Corporation. From 2009 until his retirement in June 2016, Mr. Yesavage served as the President of Manufacturing for Chevron Corporation’s Downstream and Chemicals Operations. From 1999 to 2009, Mr. Yesavage served as the General Manager for Chevron’s Refinery in El Segundo, California. Prior to that, he held various other positions within Chevron. Mr. Yesavage previously served as a Director of the Chevron Philips Chemical Company. He serves as a member of the Executive Advisory Council for RLG International. Mr. Yesavage received a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from Newark (New Jersey) College of Engineering. 

Image of Jeffrey L. Ott

Mr. Ott was appointed President of the TeamFurmanite business unit upon its formation in March 2016 and has been President of Quest Integrity Group since its formation in January 2007. He began his career as an engineer in the Operations Analysis group at Rockwell International’s North American Aircraft.

Image of Art F. Victorson

Mr. Victorson is President of the TeamQualspec business unit and has led Team’s Inspection and Heat Treating business unit since 2013. He was named Senior Vice President of Team in 2007 and was previously a manager with Cooperheat-MQS, Inc., which Team acquired in 2004.

Image of Declan G. Rushe

Mr. Rushe joined Team in July 2015 as a result of the company’s acquisition of the Qualspec Group, where Mr. Rushe served as Chief Executive Officer since 2012. Previously Mr. Rushe was Chief Operating Officer of IESCO, a predecessor company of Qualspec and he spent the early years of his career with Cooperheat-MQS, which was acquired by Team in 2004.

Image of Greg L. Boane

Mr. Boane joined Team as its Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer in November 2014 and was named Executive Vice President in March 2016. Prior to joining Team, he was most recently with Cameron International, where he was President, Custom Process Systems and Group VP-Finance, Process and Compressor Systems.  

Image of Andre C.

Mr. Bouchard joined Team in January 2008 as Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary. He was named Executive Vice President in November 2014. Prior to joining Team, Mr. Bouchard was an associate general counsel at Southern Union Corporation.

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